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Exercise of the Month: May 2013


Start Position

Start Position

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Equipment: Exercise Mat, Towel, (optional)

Muscles Worked: Chest, Arms, Shoulders

How to Perform the Modified Push-Up

Start Position: Get onto hands and knees with your wrists aligned under shoulders.  Cross your ankles.

Finish Position: Bend elbows and slowly lower your upper body toward the mat, until your elbows form right angles with your shoulders.  Return to start position.  Repeat for 10-12 repetitions.

Finish Position

Finish Position

Modification: Place a folded towel under your knees for extra cushion.  

Caution: Do not exceed your level of strength.  Pushing your body weight up is harder than lowering yourself down.  The stronger you are, the lower you can go.  Play it safe to avoid injury.

The actual number of repetitions is based on your strength.  If you can’t do 10 or 12 repetitions, do only what you can.  As you gain  strength, you’ll be able to take on more.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

Exercise of the Month: January 2013


Latissimus Dorsi Muscle

Type: Strength Training Exercise

Equipment:  Lat Pulldown Pulley Machine

Correct Form

  • Sit with your back straight.  With both knees forming right angles, place knees directly under the knee pad.
  • Grip the overhead bar slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Slowly pull the bar to chest level, moving elbows behind you, drawing shoulder blades together.
  • Slowly return the bar to the start position.
  • Keep movements smooth, slow and controlled.
  • Exhale as you bring the bar down.  Inhale as you release the bar up.
Lat Pulldown on Pulley Machine

Lat Pulldown 


  • Do not bring the bar behind your neck. Doing this, may lead to injury.
  • Do not throw your head back.
  • Do not overload the bar with too much weight. Doing so, may lead to injury.
  • Do not attempt this exercise if you experience pain.
  • Do not yank the bar down.

The exercise described in this post is informational, and not meant to replace the guidance of a personal trainer in a live setting.  Exercises performed incorrectly may result in injury.

Copyright 2013 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

Exercise of The Month – September 2012

Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Exercise Name: Alternating Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Type: Free weight exercise

Equipment: Dumbbells of the correct weight for your level of strength.

Correct Form:  Do not swing the dumbbells, arch your back, or tilt your head forward, sideways, or back.   Breath throughout the movement.  Do not hold your breath.  Move the dumbbells slowly and methodically. Read the rest of this entry

The Egotistical Person’s Guide To Strength Training

If for no other reason than appearance, strengthen your body, and stop overeating.  


68 percent of Americans are overweight.   That means most Americans have bodies that look like mush.  The photo on the right is a perfect example.

If you’re in your twenties, don’t exercise, and overeat, you will wind up looking like mush by the time you’re 35 or 40. Read the rest of this entry

Can Gardening Cause Tendonitis?

Incase you don’t have time to read this post, the answer is yes.


My phone rang.  It was a prospect who wanted to sign up for buddy sessions with his wife.  They wanted to improve their flexibility. During their consultation, they both thought they were in good shape, except for a little tightness here and there. Read the rest of this entry