400 Pound Woman Gets Skinny

Before at 400 and after at 152 pounds.

Are you stuck in a rut about losing weight?  Do you think it’s impossible to shed fat, especially if you weigh hundreds of pounds over your normal limit?

I’ve got news for you, there are plenty of people in your boat.

Many of them reached a breaking point, and made the decision to turn their lives around.

For some the tipping point is fear, for others it’s a medical scare, and others are literally sick and tired of being fat.

Here’s a news story about 49 year-old wheel-chair bound Theresa Borawski, who weighed over 400 pounds before deciding to change her eating habits, and lost 276 pounds in the process.

Her method was cutting back on calories, and eliminating junk food.   Theresa got down to 152 pounds, and no longer needs a wheel chair or cane for mobility. Her blood pressure has stabilized, and her medications have been reduced.

If she can do it, so can you.  Read the entire story at Huffington Post.

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Rescued Obese Dachshund Must Lose 40 Pounds


Described as adorable and chubby, Obie the dachshund, weighs 77 pounds, because his previous owners overfed him.  The portly 5 year-old canine was rescued by a veterinary technician in Portland, Oregon, and is now on track to shed his excess fat.


Right now Obie’s too big to exercise, but when he trims down, he’ll be able to use a doggie treadmill.

The fat loss formula is the same in animals as humans: healthy diet and exercise.

Read the entire story, see Obie’s photos, and video at the Huffington Post. Obie has a Facebook page, and a special fund for donations.

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The United States Of Obesity Map

The United States of Obesity: Fattest States Ranking 2011.  This chart will give you a quick look at obesity in America.  In 2012, things haven’t changed much. America is till fat: August 14, 2012 Huffington Post news article based on recent data from the Centers For Disease Control.

The links will take you to copyrighted articles from ChartsBin, and The Huffington Post.

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90 Inspiring Weight Loss Stories

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