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Walking Backward On A Treadmill


This is another post about fitness accidents.  Only this time, it was a tv stunt gone bad.

Did you ever notice someone at the gym walking backwards on a treadmill?  Did you wonder whether they were into a new, trendy form of cardio exercise, trying to break the monotony, or maybe you thought  they were doing something risky?


This is another post about fitness accidents. Only this time, it was a tv stunt gone bad.

On January 15, the Price Is Right announcer, George Gray, fell while walking backwards on a treadmill.

He held his script in one hand, and  his microphone in the other. While reading his script, he took a quick fall landing on his back. He managed to get up, gain composure,  and continue the show.  He was lucky he didn’t suffer a head injury.


Treadmills are made for improving heart health.  If you enjoy using a treadmill, use it safely.

  • Walking backwards on a treadmill, increases your chances of falling.  
  • Walking backward as a land exercise, is used to improve balance, not heart health.

It only takes a split second to be thrown off balance, landing on your head, or your back. At the very least you can strain muscles, which, depending on the severity, can take weeks to heal.

Muscle strains can be very painful.  At worst, serious head injuries, lacerations, and broken bones. By all means, don’t use it for an entertainment stunt.

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Giving up on Pilates

Why People Quit Pilates

The Pilates Hundred exercise might be too difficult for beginners.

You’ve tried a group class, and couldn’t do the exercises.  Your neck hurt, and you couldn’t keep your head off the mat.  Your hamstrings are so tight that you couldn’t straighten your legs.  You were out of breath. Everything hurt.  You couldn’t wait for the class to end.

If you had an experience like this, the class you took was much too difficult.  Maybe it was the only one offered at your gym, and you decided to try it.  But now, your never going back.  No wonder you quit.

How To Enjoy Learning Pilates

There’s a better way to begin Pilates.  Here are a few suggestions.

  • Find a Pilates studio, or gym that offers basic classes.  Call the studio, describe your needs.  Find  out whether they teach your fitness level.  
  • Find a Pilates trainer who has a studio, or will visit your home for private instruction.
  • Purchase a beginner level DVD. is a good place to start because of their large inventory.
  • Purchase a Pilates book that illustrates exercise modifications.
  • Find on online membership-based Pilates studio that offers basic classes.
  • When you take classes, be sure to listen carefully to instructions.
  • Don’t overdo it.

When To Hire A Pilates Trainer

Group exercise isn’t for everyone, especially if you’ve been injured, have special needs, or you’ve been sedentary.

Pilates Spine Supporter

The Pilates Spine Supporter is used to modify The Hundred exercise.

A qualified trainer will save you time and money by teaching you correct alignment, and how to modify exercises that are too difficult.  They will take you step-by-step through each exercise according to your ability, and help you avoid injury.

A trainer will demonstrate the use of specialized Pilates equipment, such as the Spine Supporter, and the Pilates band.

The band helps you develop stronger abdominals and neck muscles during the supine Roll-Up, without straining yourself.

The Spine Supporter develops abdominal strength, and reduces tension in your neck during the Double Leg Stretch exercise.

At some point, you might be ready to join a group class.  So, don’t give up.  If you stay with it, you’ll succeed.

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