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Quick Tip: Walk 150 Minutes Per Week

Most Americans have miles to go, before they walk enough to stay healthy, says the

150 Minutes Weekly = 20 Minutes Daily
You Can Do It!

Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC  recommends 150 minutes per week of aerobic activity, and for most people that’s as simple as a brisk walk 20 minutes daily.  Click here to listen to a short audio clip, and to read the news article “A Bit Better Walking,” from

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Falling Down An Escalator Isn’t Funny


A Stay In The Hospital Is No Joy Ride

Anyone can lose their balance, fall, and injure themselves. Muscular weakness in older adults makes them especially vulnerable to hip fractures, and head trauma from falls. Those who keep their muscles strong and flexible, know that frailty isn’t inevitable with aging.

All Fours Balance Exercise

Brain injuries account for half of all injuries from falls, according to a 2005 study from the Centers For Disease Control. Read the rest of this entry