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Cookin’ Healthy With One Foot Out The Door: Quick Meals For Fast Times

Vegan Cookbook

Recommended Product

Vegan authors, Polly Pitchford and Delia Quigley call themselves the “bad girls of natural foods.”

There’s nothing bad about this terrific little cookbook that gives time-saving, healthy recipes for hurried, health food fans.

Get recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, sides and desserts. Prep times average between 5 to 10 minutes, and cook times from 6 to 20 minutes.

Packed with easy recipes, this little book is fun to read, has gotten great reviews on Amazon, and won’t take up much space on your cookbook shelf.  Buy it at for only $9.95 new.

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Villa Linguine: Quick Pasta Sauce

Are you in a hurry to eat?  These days most people are. Here are three healthy suggestions for topping your linguine.

Linguine With Marinara Sauce

Italian Style Raw Tomato Sauce:  Place very ripe tomatoes in a blender or food processor.  Add fresh oregano, basil, and salt to taste. Serve over cooked linguine.

To go completely raw, pour raw tomato sauce over raw Zucchini Linguine No Grain Pasta.   Read the rest of this entry

Quinoa: No Gluten – Fast Cooking Grain Alternative


If you’re wheat, or gluten sensitive, fast cooking Quinoa offers a delicious alternative.

Quinoa, like Buckwheat are known as pseudo grains, meaning they look like grains such as rice and wheat. Pseudo grains behave like true grains because they can be ground into a flour, consumed as a warm breakfast cereal, or prepared as a delectable side dish.  Unlike true grains, Quinoa and Buckwheat do not contain gluten. Read the rest of this entry

Buckwheat: It’s Not A Grain and It’s Gluten-Free

Buckwheat is not a grain, a cereal or grass, and it’s not related to wheat.  To make things confusing, it is often referred to as a grain.  The term “groat” means the whole grain.  Food packages are sometimes labeled whole


buckwheat groats.  If you’re wheat, or gluten sensitive, cooking with buckwheat allows you to have all the foods you enjoy without the side effects.

Buckwheat looks and acts like a grain.  It’s actually a triangular seed related to rhubarb and sorrel.  It’s a good substitute for wheat, or grains containing gluten.  Buckwheat cooks quickly, and is highly nutritious. Read the rest of this entry