Pilates Mat And Pilates Reformer

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P E R S O N A L   T R A I N I N G


Pilates Mat Basic introduces beginners to the classical Pilates method to strengthen the core. Learn Pilates principles, while performing basic exercises.  Modifications are always provided for all levels.


Pilates Mat Intermediate introduces more difficult exercises. This level is suitable for those who already have experience, or who have completed Pilates Mat Basic personal training.


Pilates Mat Advanced is a faster paced routine featuring more challenging exercises.  Introduction to Pilates equipment.  Anyone signing up for this level should be able to perform exercises using  Pilates principles.


Pilates Reformer provides increased challenge to your Pilates exercise routine. Emphasis is on precision to further develop pelvic alignment, flexibility, core strength, and healthy posture.  Generally, the exercises performed on the reformer are more challenging than the mat.


Pilates Arc

The Pilates Arc packs quite a punch for its small size.  Get on it to strengthen your back, hips, lats, abs, and backside.  This little arc provides a terrific stretch for your abdominals.

Pilates Magic Ring

The Pilates Magic Ring provides toning for the arms, back,,chest,thighs, and stretching the hamstring muscles.  It is used in conjunction with Pilates mat exercises.

Pilates Foam Rollers

When you’re ready for increased challenge, adding foam rollers will take you to the next level.  The rollers are used for standing Pilates footwork, all fours, seated, and supine exercises.

Exercise Balls

Using exercise balls of varying sizes are used to create an increased level of difficulty. They are also used for modifications, and can be used on the Pilates Reformer as a back rest for more comfort when performing seated exercises.

6 4 6 – 9 3 1 – 0 2 6 6

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6 4 6 – 9 3 1 – 0 2 6 6