Online Fitness Coaching


30 Minutes – $50

45 Minutes – $75

60 Minutes – $100

Four Sessions at 30 Minutes Each – $185

Four Sessions at 60 Minutes Each – $ 385


Online fitness coaching offers two types of coaching: Verbal and Exercise. . Verbal gets  your fitness questions answered.  Exercise is getting an exercise program designed specifically to meet your fitness needs.  You can choose one or the other, or both.  Fees are the same if you choose both.


Ask questions about any topic on this list, or your own topic. Submit your questions using the CONTACT FORM in the column to the right hand side of this page.  

You’ll be contacted by email to set up your appointment.  After your appointment is confirmed, submit your payment via PayPal. When your payment is received, your  appointment will be re-confirmed, and held on the phone, SKYPE.


The fitness program design includes an assessment of your current fitness level, your short and long range goals, and an individual fitness program designed for you.

You’ll need to fill out a short Exercise and Health History form so that your exercise program is suitable for your age, health status, and abilities.


How to become a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, or group fitness instructor. How to break into the industry, certifications you’ll need, how much will it cost, and how to start.  

How to select the best equipment for your fitness routine, and where to buy it.

Why you’re not making progress toward your health and fitness goals.

How to set up a home gym.

What’s the best equipment to buy for a core workout routine.

How to get the best results from your workout routine.

No gym, no problem.  Working out at home or outdoors.

How to improve your posture.

How does core strength improve outdoor cycling, swimming, tennis, or running?

How to workout without equipment.

How to start working out after 50.

How to set realistic exercise goals.

How to exercise on a tight budget.

How to improve your nutrition.

What are whole grains? Where to buy them, and how to prepare them.

Which exercises improve your balance after 50.

How to start an exercise routine when you have no experience with exercise.

How to prevent exercise injuries.

How not to get bored with your exercise routine.


Irene Pastore is a native New Yorker, health and fitness blogger, educator, and personal trainer. Irene owns this website, and writes all the blog posts. She started her teaching career in 1996. For her complete bio, visit the About Page.  


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