Exercise Video Library


  • Stability Ball/Fitball
  • BOSU
  • Bodyweight Upper Body
  • Bodyweight Lower Body
  • Free Weights Upper Body
  • Free Weights Lower Body
  • Cables – TRX – Bands & Tubes
  • Exercise Stick
  • Yoga
  • Training Tips
Stability Ball/Fitball

11 Core Stabilization Exercises >LINK<

Latissimus Dorsi Active Ball Stretch >LINK<

Stability Ball Cobra >LINK<

Stability Ball Dumbbell Combo >LINK<


Bodyweight – Upper Body

1 Leg Up Ab Curl >LINK>

Ab Strength Combo >LINK>

Incline Wall Push Up >LINK>

Decline Bench Push Up >LINK>

Modified Push-Up >LINK>

Plank Walk Ups >LINK>

Plank-To-Knee Tap >LINK>

Reverse Crunch Plank Jack Combo >LINK>

Push-Up Technique >LINK>

Abdominal Figure 8 >LINK<

Side Plank Hip Dip >LINK>

Squat-to-Plank Push-Up >LINK<

Bird Dog >LINK>

Superwoman >LINK>

Floor Prone Cobra >LINK<

Abdominal Figure 8 >LINK<

Bodyweight – Lower Body

Basic Squat >LINK>

Fitness Band Squat >LINK>

Squat Technique >LINK>

Dumbbells – Kettlebells – Medicine Ball – Machines – Upper Body

Dumbbell Ab Curl >LINK>

Dumbbell Hammer Curl >LINK>

Dumbbell Lateral Raise >LINK>

Around-The-Body Kettlebell Pass >LINK>

Medicine Ball Half Kneeling Throw & Catch >LINK>

Dumbbell Shoulder Press >LINK>

Barbell Bicep Curl >LINK>

Medicine Ball Obliques >LINK>

Renegade Kettlebell Row >LINK>

Medicine Ball Single Leg Throw & Catch >LINK>

Dumbbells – Kettlebells – Medicine Ball – Machines – Lower Body

Walking Dumbbell Lunge>LINK>

4 Best Leg Exercises >LINK>

Machine Leg Curl >LINK>

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge >LINK>

Kettlebell Goblet Squat >LINK<

Kettlebell Deadlift >LINK<


Cables -TRX – Bands – Tubes – Decks/Steps


TRX Pike To Opposite Toe Tap >LINK>

Power Systems Deck Combo Demo >LINK>

Exercise Stick

Twisting Stretch >LINK>

Twisting StzzzzretchExerStick>LINK>


Down Dog Vinyasa I >LINK>

Crescent Moon >LINK>

Bridge >LINK>

Seated Open Angle >LINK>

Lunge Hip Opener >LINK>

Warrior II Vinyasa >LINK>

Upward Plank >LINK>

Seated Forward Fold >LINK>

Training Trips

The Importance of Variety In Your Workout >LINK>

Warrior II Vinyasa >LINK>

CONTACT >link<

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