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Ted Talks Video: What Is Obesity?

Weight Loss Through Diet In 1951

Weight Reduction Through Diet 1951 – YouTube video from traci0dee channel

I found this video on the YouTube traci0dee channel. Don’t be put off by the date on this video. The information is similar to today’s guidelines on weight reduction: avoid in-between snacks, quality food, lose no more than 1 1/2 to 2 pounds weekly, exercise along with healthy eating, and portion control. Importantly, the people in this video appear to be a lot less stressed than we are. There are also lessons here about manners, and polite social behavior.

How To Lose Weight: A 1940s Guide For Women

How To Lose Weight By Eating Healthy: A 1940s Guide For Women – Source glamourdaze YouTube Channel

This weight-loss video is more than 70 years old. The advice is pretty much the same as it is today. I found it on a YouTube channel called glamourdaze, posted in August 2020.

Caffeine May Cause Weight Gain

Here are links to several recent articles. The first one is written by Vincent Pedre, MD, about caffeine intake, and it’s possible effects on keeping you from losing weight.

Does Caffeine Make You Gain Weight? What You Need To Know, By Vincent Pedre, M.D. Click Link

What Effects Does Caffeine Have On Weight Management? By Obesity Click Link

Coffee And Belly Fat: Are They Related? By Judd Handler Click Link

Is your morning coffee secretly making you gain weight? Nutritionist says caffeine can cause sugar cravings and increase stress levels. By Laura House Click Link

The Impact of Caffeine On Your Adrenal Glands, By Fawne Hansen Click Link

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