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New Jersey May Criminalize Texting While Walking

ABC News



Texting while walking in public, has become a public nuisance. On Monday, March 14, a bill sponsored by Pamela Lampitt, Democratic Assemblywoman, may make it illegal to walk and text in New Jersey.  The penalty carries a fine of up to $50, or 15 days in jail.

Distracted pedestrians, like distracted drivers, present a potential danger to themselves and drivers on the road. A pedestrian distracted by their device and unaware of oncoming traffic may cause unsuspecting drivers to brake suddenly, or swerve out of the way, creating a potentially deadly situation.  Pamela Lampitt

Here are some comments from readers, about the proposed legislation.

“Remember the time when you would be sitting in the train could actually look at people and they would look and smile back? Now they are all bend over glaring at their stupid smartphone. Smartphones truly ruined the world.”

“If the fear of death doesn’t stop people from texting while walking, why would the abstract fear of prison stop them?”

“Agreed but I would say a fine is enough. Locking people up is heavy handed.”

“People throw their lives away with their obsession for text. Nothing is more important then stupid text. It is sad that there is a law needed against stupidity.”

“I don’t know how many times I have witnessed stupid people walking across the road while texting, and nearly getting squashed.  I agree with this, but to lock people up is going too far.”

“Since it’s illegal to text while driving, why not while walking? The majority of people can’t walk and text in a straight line, which is unsafe.”

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Sleep Deprivation Can Make You Sick


According to American Sleep Medicine, 40 million American suffer with sleep disorders.  The National Institutes of Health estimate the figure to be as high as 50 to 70 million.

Tossing and turning, while trying to get to sleep night after night, is called insomnia.  Some of the most common causes of insomnia are:


Job stress

Eating food or beverages containing caffeine before bedtime: chocolate candy, coffee, tea, cookies containing chocolate, or coffee flavoring.

Smoking before bed.  Nicotine is a stimulant.

Exercising within 5 hours before bedtime.  Exercise is stimulating, and may keep you awake.

Eating a heavy meal close to bedtime.


  • Get regular exercise.
  • Maintain a sleep schedule.  Go to sleep and awake at the same time everyday.
  • Before bed treat yourself to a relaxing ritual.  Take a bubble bath. Light candles and practise meditation. Read a book. Listen to calming music.  Practice Hatha Yoga.
  • Make your bedroom comfortable for sleeping.  Adjust room temperature if it interferes with your ability to sleep.  Clear out clutter.  Use room darkening shades. Sleep on a comfortable mattress.


Sleep disorders are very common, and treatable.  If you don’t get enough rest, you might develop any one of these symptoms, or health conditions.

  • Increased risk of high blood pressure, and weight gain.
  • Impaired judgement, performance and mood.
  • Falling asleep at the wheel, resulting in a driving accident.
  • Anxiety symptoms
  • Heart attack, and stroke.
  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular disease and hypertension.
  • Obesity


American Academy of Sleep Medicine

American Sleep Association

National Sleep Foundation

National Institutes of Health

American Sleep Medicine

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Angelina Jolie: Preventive Double Mastectomy

Exercise and a healthy diet are best defenses against breast cancer.

Angelina Jolie underwent a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer.  As a high profile figure, it’s a good bet that other women will follow her example.

Pulling all your teeth to prevent tooth decay, or removing your colon to prevent colon cancer seems as radical as Jolie’s decision to remove her breasts before she has cancer.

There are other, more natural ways for women to prevent the development of breast cancer, than having to remove both breasts.

Natural Breast Cancer Prevention Methods

Alternative Opinions 

In the May 15, 2013 issue of Natural, Mike Adams writes, “Angelie Jolie inspires women to maim themselves by celebrating medically perverted double mastectomies.”

Gary Null, alternative medicine author, and radio talk show host, interviews Christiane Northrup, MD, “How wise was Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a radical mastectomy?”

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Only 1 in 5 Americans Get Enough Exercise: CDC

Picture brighter for aerobic exercise than for muscle-strengthening, report finds.

HealthDay news image

THURSDAY, May 2 (HealthDay News) — Most Americans are falling short when it comes to exercise, a new government report shows.  Overall, only 20 percent of U.S. adults get the recommended amounts of both of aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The news was less disappointing for aerobic exercise, with 51.6 percent of adults getting the recommended amount, than it was for muscle-strengthening activities, with only 29.3 percent getting the recommended amount.The overall exercise rates also varied widely by state, ranging from 13 percent in Tennessee and West Virginia to 27 percent in Colorado.

The researchers put a positive spin on the results.

“While only about 30 percent of adults meet the muscle-strengthening guidelines, we find it very encouraging that half of U.S. adults are meeting the aerobic guidelines,” said report author Carmen Harris, a CDC epidemiologist.

The report was published in the May 3 issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, a CDC publication.

One expert also thinks the findings are good news.

“It is great that more people are participating in regular exercise,” said exercise physiologist Samantha Heller. Read the rest of this entry

Citi Bike Coming To New York City

Bike Share Docking Stations Go Up in Manhattan

Effective May 2013, a bike sharing service is coming to the Big Apple.  Citi Bike, the provider for the new program, says their bikes are rugged 3 speed cruisers, with sturdy aluminum frames, and durable tires.  



Across Manhattan bike share docking stations are being installed. 

330 docking stations will open in Brooklyn and Manhattan, to be filled with 6,000 share bicycles.

Bad News For Obese Riders 

The bikes carry a limit of 260 pounds, and anyone who exceeds that amount, cannot use the program.  ABC News reports on this story, ‘NYC Bike-Share Program Bans Obese Riders.’ and the New York Daily News, ‘Bike-Share Ban.’

Convenient and Inexpensive Transportation

Citi Bike is New York City’s next public transportation system, that will provide convenient and inexpensive mobility 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The DOT has built 200 bike lane miles in all five boroughs, and commuter cycling has more than doubled in New York City since 2005.

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