About Me

About Irene Pastore and Tour De Core Personal Training

Irene Pastore ♦ Certified Personal Trainer ♦ Fitness Educator ♦ Health Blogger ♦ Speaker of Bad French, and even worse Italian ♦  History Buff ♦ Animal Lover ♦ Healthy Fast Food Cook ♦ Great Sense of Humor, and the Patience of a Saint.

Growing Up Fit In New York City

Thanks to my parents, especially my father, I grew up as a fit kid in New York  City. I was encouraged to walk everywhere, climb trees, jump rope, run, bicycle, hop and skate.

In his twenties, my Dad played minor league baseball, until a sports injury derailed his career plans.  My father’s story never left me.  When I became a personal trainer, I learned how active people sustained injuries from recreational, and ROLLER SKATES PIXABAY FREE retouchprofessional sports, and how many of these accidents were preventable.  I decided to make non-injury, the cornerstone of my training program.

Thumbnail Stories About My Clients

  • A 55 year-old career woman learned that carrying a heavy shoulder bag, to and from her job, was the cause of poor posture, and chronic neck pain.
  • An apprehensive 70 year-old retired business owner, lost his fear of falling.
  • A 32 year-old expectant mother, developed a calmer approach to birthing her first baby.
  • A 35 year-old male learned how weak abdominal muscles caused chronic backache.
  • A 52 year-old figure skating instructor improved her balance by learning how to stabilize her hips and spine.
  • A very determined 79 year-old man learned how to strengthen his core, to prevent falls.
  • A 47 year-old man developed a powerful golf swing, after improving core strength.
  • An energetic 72 year-old female, who underwent several over training injuries, got back on track after her exercise routine was restructured.

Many of My Clients Have Furry Friends Who Look Like This

Many of my clients are animal-lovers, so I don’t mind well-behaved dogs and cats sitting in, during home training sessions. I’ve met dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes, cats old and young.  I’ve been greeted at the door by Goldens, Border Collies, Mixed Breeds, Hounds, Poodles, Terriers and Shepherds.

Living and working in New York City, I get to work with men and women who come from all over the world.  My clients are accomplished people, with dynamic schedules.  I’ve trained architects, attorneys, retirees, investment bankers, physicians, social workers, and nurses, who range in age from 30 to 92.

Tour De Core Personal Training is the name of my personal training business, and Tour De Core.com, is my website and blog.  I write all the posts, and cover a wide range of health and fitness topics.

Over the past 22 years  I’ve improved the lives of hundreds of health-minded New Yorkers through group, and individual training.  My group fitness experience includes health clubs, corporate wellness centers. and hospitals.  

Let Me Help You, So You Don’t Wind Up Like This Guy!

The photograph of a guy taking a tumble off an exercise ball, may seem exaggerated to you, but it happens in real life.  There are many reasons people hurt themselves while exercising.  A few of them are, impatience, working too fast, taking on too much, using the wrong type of equipment, performing exercises that aren’t right for them, and weak core muscles.

An injury, even a minor one, can sideline an active life.  Muscle strains, and exhaustion from over-training, are conditions that may develop if you attempt training yourself, when instead,  you really need professional guidance. 

You Aren’t A Robot

There’s a how, and a why to every exercise.  Without understanding why, you’ll perform your routine like a robot.  That means, you’re going to get bored, go too fast, or get injured.  Eventually you’ll quit.  The “why” part, is the reason I educate my clients.

When You Have Problems Like This. . .

Why is an exercise safe for most people, but not for you?

Why is your core weak, even though you do hundreds of crunches?

Why do you have persistent low back ache?

♦Why is your sports performance not improving, even though you do all the right drills?

♦Why will you get better results from one exercise, over another?

♦Why are you having difficulty with an exercise when it’s so easy for everyone else?

♦Why aren’t you getting results, after spending months exercising?

♦Why does your shoulder hurt after a game of golf?

Why did you injure your shoulder while lifting weights?

Why do you hate exercise, when you know it’s important?

♦Why are you holding your breath during exercise?

♦Why are you quitting, in spite of your doctor recommending routine exercise?

Why do you have difficulty keeping your hips steady during long-distance cycling?

. . . . I Can Help You Solve Them!