Virtual Fitness: Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press Exercise

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press Exercise

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press Exercise – Pexels

Instructions: This strength training exercise targets the muscles of the mid shoulder (middle deltoid). Begin with arms at your sides while holding the weights with thumbs facing forward. Slowly lift arms until the dumbbells are shoulder height. Slowly release down to your sides. Keep your feet about a hip width apart for proper balance, and avoid hiking your shoulders up to your ears. Perform 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions. Do fewer sets and reps if you’re unable to do 3 of 8-10.

Modifications: 1) Perform the exercise without weights. 2) Use lighter weights. 2) Use wrist weights instead of dumbbells.

Caution: If you experience discomfort during the exercise, you may be using too much weight, or the position of this exercise may not be suitable for you. If your shoulders are lifting upward, reduce the weight.

EXERCISE DOs and DONTs – As with all exercise programs, when using exercise videos that appear on this site, you need to use common sense. If your muscles are weak, either do the modifications, or don’t attempt this exercise if it’s too difficult for you. When starting an exercise program, be sure to discuss your plans with your healthcare provider

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