Hiking Accident Prevention: Solo Mountain Hiking Is A Risk You Shouldn’t Take

34 Year Old Solo Hiker Found Dead In Glacier National Park

This story appeared in the media on Monday, September 5, 2021. A 34 year old hiker from Virginia was found dead in Glacier National Park, while on a solo hiking trip. Her family reported her misssing when they hadn’t heard from her for several days.

Park officials believe that Jennifer Coleman of Richmond, Virginia, may have been hiking at Highline Trail, or Dragon’s Tail, a dangerous ridge located within Logan Pass. There are reports that another hiker died after falling 500 feet from Dragon’s Tail in 2020.

The depth of grief when losing a child can make a parent very sick, or possibly kill them,
because the stress of living with this event feels like a weight sitting and
pressing down on your heart. The only fortunate aspect of this story is that her family
had closure, which in many missing persons cases, there is none.


Searcher’s Find Hiker’s Body In Glacier National Park,

Virginia Hiker Not Heard From In Nearly A Week Found Dead In Glacier National Park.


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