Healthy Stocking Stuffers

Quick Healthy Ideas for Santa’s Stocking  

For easy shopping, search where you’ll find a wide selection of all items on this list.  You can also buy Amazon Gift Cards, by searching under Gift Cards Store category at their website.ion

Body Loofah: Comes in all sizes.  Gets your skin really clean.

Facial Loofah: Small round loofahs to scrub your face clean and refreshed.

Exercise Tubing Kit: Portable, easy-to-use.  

Exercise Bands Kit: Folds up, portable, easy-to-use. Great for travel.  Perfect for seniors.    

A Green Drink Gift Certificate:  For people who don’t have time to eat their veggies.

Package Organic Pasta: Introduce someone to organic whole wheat, spelt, rice or kamut pasta.

Vegan Holiday Turkey Gift Certificate: Meatless delight for the vegans and vegetarians in your life.

Organic Cosmetics: Non-toxic, no chemicals Lipstick, Blush, Eye Color, Fragrance, Foundation.

Organic Herbal Tea Sampler: For tea-lovers.

Organic Coffee Sampler: For coffee-lovers.

Portable Cappuccino Milk Frother:  Battery-operated.  Fits in your bag, goes anywhere.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle:  Fill it up, and toss in your pack.

Dried Vegetable Soup Mix: For the backpacker in your life.  Also good for emergencies.

Portable Water Purification Bottle:  Comes in handy for, camping, emergencies, everyday, travel, or whatever needs arise.

Cast Iron Skillet Gift Certificate:  Start someone off with a 6″ pre-seasoned cast iron skillet.  Healthy alternative to chemically treated cookware. This gift won’t fit into Santa’s Stocking, but your Gift Certificate will.

Pilates Ring Gift Certificate: For the Pilates-lover in your life.  Using the ring will help them get stronger with more challenging exercises.

Copyright 2012 Irene Pastore and Blue Moon Personal Training

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