Quick Dessert: Organic Sprouted Fruit and Nut Bread

Manna Sprouted  Fruit & Nut Bread

Have you thought of Sprouted Fruit & Nut Manna Bread, as an alternative dessert?  Manna Bread has a cake-like consistency, and lends itself well to a quick, sit-down dessert. One, two ounce slice contains 6 grams of fiber.

When you don’t feel like another piece of fruit, or a slice of bread with jam and nut butter, or you no longer eat baked goods with added sugar, why not try sprouted bread.

Just cut yourself a slice of this delicious, healthy bread, and enjoy.  It’s  very sweet on its own, but you can add topping if you prefer.  Jam, yogurt, sliced cheese, nut butter, or whatever suits your taste buds.

Have your Sprouted Fruit & Nut Bread with a warm or cold beverage: hemp, almond, oat or soy milk, herbal tea, or organic coffee.

Sprouted bread breaks apart easily, so make sure your spread is room temperature.  If you find it on sale, buy a few extra loaves and store them in your freezer.

If you can’t find it locally, Amazon sells it.  Click this link Fruit and Nut Sprouted Manna Bread to get there.

Ingredients: sprouted organic wheat kernels, filtered water, organic raisins, organic dates, organic hazelnuts, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg, organic oatmeal.  No salt, leavening, yeast, oil or sweeteners, or chemicals.

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