Raspberry Ketones: The Magic Weight Loss Pill

If you’re looking for a magical, effortless way to lose unwanted weight, sorry to say, it doesn’t exist.  After Dr. Oz promoted raspberry ketones on his television show, as a “fat-burning miracle”, the  supplements flew off the shelf.

Dr. Oz told viewers that raspberry ketones are, “the number one miracle in a bottle that will burn your fat.”

When supplements are promoted on television, or the internet, listen and read carefully.  On his website he also says, that raspberry ketones work best when “paired with regular exercise, and a well-balanced diet.”

Research on the efficacy of raspberry ketones was based on animal studies of rodents, not human subjects.  Andrew Lessman writes an honest rebuttal.  He says that there are no weight loss short cuts.  Weight loss is accomplished by changing the way we eat, and regular exercise.

ABC News quotes Mary Hartley, a clinical nutritionist, “It’s amazing how many people look for a miracle, instead of looking at how much they’re eating.”  Dr. Robert Lustig, one of the top experts on obesity in the United States, won’t offer an opnion until raspberry ketones are studied in human subjects.

Before you decide to buy raspberry ketones, click the links below to read more about it.

With All Due Respect To Dr. Oz: Raspberry Ketone Is Not A Fat-Burning Miracle.  Andrew Lessman’s Words On Wellness.com June 13, 2012.

Raspberry Ketones Frenzy Follows Dr. Oz Show, by Jane E. Allen, ABC News April 5, 2012.

Are Raspberry Ketones A ‘Miracle’ Fat Burner? Dr. Oz Weighs In, by Chris Woolston, The LA Times May 19, 2012.

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