10 Cell Phone Safety Tips: Better Safe Than Sorry

Don’t hold your phone to your head.

Surfing the web about cell phones and human health, I came upon a blog comment that I thought was apropos.  A commenter referred to the cell phone as “the tobacco of the 21st century.”  In 2011, the World Health Organization came out with a warning of the possibility that cell phone radiation may cause brain tumors.

Most of my friends hold their cell phones to their ear.  So with them, and you in mind, I decided to write a few posts about cell phones and health.  Cell phone technology is new, people haven’t been using it long enough for mainstream studies to definitely confirm whether or not they cause brain tumors, or damage cognitive memory.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precaution.

Cell phone radiation is similar to the radiation emitted by a low powered microwave oven.  Dr. Keith Black, Chairman of Neuroscience at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, concedes that microwave radiation can penetrate into your brain when you hold your phone on your ear.  Children are more vulnerable to radiation from cell phones because their skulls are thinner than adults. Radiation has a shorter distance to travel from the phone to the brain.

Alternative health experts like Gary Null, and Dr. Joseph Mercola are giving strong warnings about cell phone use. Are Cell Phones The Next Cigarettes?, by Dr. Mercola, and a video clip from Gary Null’s radio show in 2009 on Cell Phone Danger.

Until those studies are in, take precaution when using your cell phone.

  1. Keep your cell phone away from your head.
  2. Text instead of calling.
  3. Use your phone in speaker mode.
  4. Don’t wear your phone on your belt, or in your pocket.
  5. Use your cell phone only when necessary. Keep conversations short.
  6. 30 minutes daily is considered heavy use.
  7. Use an air tube headset instead of wired headsets.
  8. Don’t use your cell phone in an elevator or your car.
  9. Limit your child’s use of cell phones for emergencies.
  10. Purchase a low radiation cell phone.

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