How To Hire A Personal Trainer

Shopping By Price

Most people don’t know how to hire a personal trainer. The first thing they ask is, “How much do you charge?”  If the price isn’t right, they’ll keep shopping, until they locate the cheapest trainer in town.  The consumer may think they found a bargain.  But trainers who charge low fees, might not be making a living from their work.  In that case the trainer doesn’t have a track record of experience. 

When shopping for the lowest price, the consumer may get lucky. If not, they’re in for a big disappointment.  They’ll waste their time, their money, not get the results they want, and might even get injured. Because of their negative experience, they may form a low opinion of all personal trainers, and avoid working with them altogether. Or they may hire another trainer who charges even less than the first one, since they don’t think it’s worth much anyway.

In any service profession there’s good and bad, high end, and low end.  When it comes to your health why would you want to go for the lowest price?  Is that how you find a doctor, or dentist?  Instead, you should be looking for the highest quality, at a price you can afford.

How can you determine high quality?  Have a conversation with prospective trainers.  Tell them about your fitness goals, your overall health, and ask them how they can help you.

A physician once contacted me about referring her patients.  The first question she asked was, “How do you prevent your clients from getting injured during exercise?”  Her question was excellent.  It gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge with her, and to discuss how I could help her patients.  Continue reading…

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