Exercise Of The Month – July 2012

Exercise Name:  Modified Side Plank


Type: Core

Prerequisites:  Shoulder strength and stability.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate.

Goal: Stabilize your body while performing the exercise. 

Correct Form:  Form a straight line from shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, and shoulder to edge of foot.  Avoid sagging, and wobbling.

Cautions: Do not perform the Modified Side Plank if you experience discomfort, pain, or for medical reasons.

Benefits: Prevents back ache, improves posture.

Muscles: Abdominals, Back, Pelvic Floor, Shoulders.

How To:  The photograph shows the model in the completed stage of the exercise.

  1. Position your body as shown in the photo, while lying on your side.
  2. Lift yourself off the mat as shown in the photo.
  3. Lower down to start position (step 1).
  4. Repeat 5-10 reps on each side.
Information in this post is educational.  It should not be used to replace medical advice from your physician, or other healthcare provider.
The exercise described in this post is informational, and not meant to replace the guidance of a personal trainer, in a live setting.  Exercises performed incorrectly may result in injury.

Copyright 2012 Irene Pastore, and Blue Moon Personal Training.


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